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Arbitrage is the simultaneous buying and selling of the same financial instrument or commodities in separate markets in order to take advantage of different prices of the same asset. In cryptos, one would buy BTC, or any other crypto on exchange A (at a lower price), and sell the same on exchange B (at a higher price). One would profit from the price difference that exists between the two exchanges (minus trade costs).

Unlike normal trading bots that require price movement and volatility to make directional trades, arbitrage offers a steady, low-risk income because it focuses on the crypto price spread between two exchanges in the same instrument. Arbitrage can make money in rising, sideways, and falling markets.


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How Does Our System Work?

Our system is based on high number of servers and Bots that are running our Bitcoin Arbitrage scripts with 100% success rate. Below is a part of the script that our Bots follow when executing buy / sell orders on multiple exchanges.

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